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Floor Installation & Supply

We also specialise in the installation of wooden floors.  To be able to repair and sand wooden floors it is vital that you are fully competent in how they should be correctly installed.

We come across many cases where new wooden floor have been installed over undulating and damp subfloors.  You have to remember that a new wooden floor will simply mirror the contours of the floor beneath, so it will only be as good as what it is laying over.  Ensuring that undulations in the floor are overcome will result in a floating floor feeling cushioned rather than bouncy, and a nailed and glued floor feeling firm rather than hollow where the low spots are being bridged.

We carry the correct professional moisture measuring equipment for both wooden and concrete floors, therefore we will be able to identify any problem before installation commences and provide solution to overcome them.

There are 3 installation methods for timber floors:


This is used for most laminate and engineered floorboards, the tongue and grooves are either glued to one another or they are machined in a way where they simply lock together.  A suitable underlay and if required, moisture barrier is laid onto a flat dry subfloor and the floor simply floats over the top, there is no mechanical fixing into the subfloor.  This way of installation provides the floor with a cushioned feel underfoot 


This is the most common installation method for solid hardwood floors and also structural engineered boards.  Tongue and groove boards are secret nailed through the tongue at a 45O angle where a square edge board is surface fixed.  The boards can be nailed to flat timber subfloors, joists or battens.

Glue Down

Engineered and solid wooden floors can be directly bonded to the subfloor.  An adhesive is trowelled out and the boards are bedded into it.  This installation method provides a very solid feel underfoot.

Supply of Floorboards

With many years experience and contacts in this industry, it is always our aim where possible to try and source your ideal wooden floor within budget.  We have accounts with many of the specialised flooring distributors/consultants in the UK which will only deal with trade customer and not the general public.  We carry product swatches showing a range of different flooring samples from leading manufacturers.

Alternatively you can source your own flooring and employ our services to carry out the installation and also any sanding and sealing work that may be required.