Hip Floor Solutions


Once we have carried out either the installation or sanding of your wooden floor or both, we are able to offer ongoing specific maintenance guidance.  No two floors are the same and the levels of wear and tear will be dependent on usage and how well the floors are looked after.

In village halls and schools etc, experience has shown that a scrub and seal will need to be carried out approximately every 2 years.  This will prolong the life of the timber beneath the coating, once the coating has broken through, the dirt and moisture will cause discoloration.  We always advise clients to get in contact before considerable wear occurs.  The cost of a full sand and seal is considerably more expensive.  We have found that if you employ our services on a periodical basis to top up the coats of lacquer, a full sand and seal will not be required for up to 7-8 Years.

In today’s commercial market place, which would include, schools, offices and sports halls etc, where the floors are used by members of the general public, the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) are placing more and more emphasis on the client to ensure that the floor surfaces comply with various slip resistance criteria.  It is important the slip resistance of the floor remains as constant as possible, this will be determined by the cleaning regime adopted.

The wear and tear in a domestic property is obviously far less compared to that of a commercial environment but the same recommendations apply.  If the coating on the floor is showing signs of considerable wear, please contact us as a top up coat of a suitable product may avoid the need for a full sand.  Many of our clients who have chosen to have their floors treated with oil to retain the most natural appearance are employing us to clean and apply a coat of oil to the floor on an annual basis.